Industrial Design Portfolio

Nebo is a portable shop system, consisting of a beverage backpack and a vendor‘s tray. It is an eye catching product, ideal for selling beverages and ice-cream at festivals, sports events or beach or in general in all terrain that can not be managed easily with a trolley. The core piece of the beverage backpack is covered with a UVresistant foil. It is held by a bag made of wear resistant textile and a foam textile composite. Several straps enable adjustment of the back piece to achieve a comfortable and firm hold on the user‘s back.

Nebo was completed in cooperation with the company Taracell, as an innovation project. Taracell‘s interest was in new innovative products made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), their core business. The decision for this product was based on the typical characteristics of the material: the lightness, the thermal insulation and its shock resistance are all of great value for this product. Although the product is not new, the approach and the design are. Most existing products are all for maximum advertising space, ours is for maximum appeal and semantic implication. Its design should evoke a cool refreshment, therefore we chose a penguin as the semantic role model.

Unfortunatley Nebo is still just a prototype and currently not available on the market.