Industrial Design Portfolio

Kahuna is a new touring boat, inspired by old Polynesian outrigger canoes. It was developed for recreational use in various environments around the globe, created mainly for rental agencies and for outdoor enthusiasts. The combination of sports equipment and camping gear allows efficient mobility and a comfortable overnight stay.

The main drive of the Kahuna is the Mirage DriveĀ®, a pedal/crank mechanism of Hobie Kayaks. This is a very efficient drive system that is easy to master. An ordinary paddle assists in manoeuvring the boat. Even inexperienced users adapt very quickly. For camping, a screen cloth is mounted between the outriggers to serve as base for the tent and as camp bed. This ensures a comfortable sleep even on rough ground that would usually be unsuitable for camping

The boat is made of natural fibre composite materials, which are lighter and cheaper than fibreglass and with the right resin can even be biodegradable, when reduced to small pieces.

We have developed a folding seat with a high backrest, for better comfort and for resistance against the leg movement needed by the Mirage Drive.

The seat is removable and usable on land. A 3D woven textile with different densities and integrated tubing is mounted over the aluminium frame of the seat.

The seat is very light and, thanks to its construction you do not have to sit in a water puddle.

Kahuna was my BA thesis project carried out together with Damian Fankhauser.