Industrial Design Portfolio

One of the most valuable experiences during my study so far was the participation in the 2007 Pole Project, an international and interdisciplinary team project, with team members from Stanford University, and Aalborg University, Denmark, in collaboration with company Collano of Switzerland.

The topic of the project was „X-Frame, products attached to the body“. Our group developed a fashionable sleeping aid for commuters, that provides an intimate space in which he or she could relax or sleep in public without embarrassment. Besides acceptance and fashionability the main functional task that Dreamdive had to slove is a comfortable support of the neck, which is accieved through a segmented flexible collar. It was a tough task and very instructive to work in a team of 7 people with different backgrounds, such as mechanical engineering, process management, business development and industrial design, furthermore located in three countries around the world. Good communication and combining the knowledge from different fields were the key to our success.

Dreamdive was the only product of the 2007 Pole Project that Collano has legally protected, and they are looking for a possibility to produce and market our development.